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Gloucester Active Paranormal Society G.A.P.S

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  • admin:

    G.A.P.S Was formed by myself Lyn Cinderey in 2010 as I have been arranging paranormal overnight Investigations for 17years now and have formed this Group with People like myself that are greatly Involved with the Paranormal. It interests us so much , we love to go around places that are ‘reputedly’ haunted.
    We do Run Public Events at very resonable rates because we are passionate at what we do , and I like to think we do it very different than most Paranormal Groups.

    When we do overnighters we say a protection prayer at the beginning of the night , and at the end of the night , simply because that is how we work.
    We Respect ‘spirit’ and NEVER shout or dis-respect them in anyway. After all, they were once People , and you do not go around shouting at people, so why do you when they pass on.

    We send out alot of love , and in return we do get a lot of responses, not only from the venue we are Investigating , but also our loved ones come through .

    We do NOT HUNT OR BUST Ghosts, We Investigte. We simply love to try and communicate with then. We do not Expect them to respond to us, just because we are there and we ask,but we do hope.
    Ghosts, Spirits , call them what you will are NOT there for our entertainment , they do not appear on command , and this is where in my opinion alot of Groups go wrong.

    Each of the Team Members are dedicated in what we do, all of us have are own different skills and abilities.

    Our Team todate is :

    Lyn Cinderey Team Member, Founder , Chair person ,Investigator
    Miranda Cardew Team Member, Vice- Chair person , Investigator
    Nikki Yeates Team Member, Secratary , Investigator
    David Mason Team Member, Treasurer , Investigator
    Darren Thompson Team Member, Researcher, Investigator
    Bruce Team Member, Technician, Investigator
    Rhonda Lane Team Member Researcher, Investigator
    Leanne Yeates Team Member, Events Manager, Investigator
    Richard Butler Team Member, Events Manager, Investigator
    Ed Team Member, Photographics, Investigator

  • L. Mears:


    Can you tell me if you are doing any walks in March?
    Thank You.