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  • admin:

    Spooky happenings in Gloucester pub captured on CCTV

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    FALLING pint glasses, moving cutlery and footsteps on the stairs sparked a ghostly investigation at a Gloucester pub.

    Spooky happenings have been reported at the New Inn in Gloucester – and experts claim the past month has been one of the busiest times at the haunted hotspot.

    In the past people have claimed to have seen spectres of children playing in the courtyard, a nanny watching them and also a blacksmith in the grounds of the 600-year-old pub.

    But the most recent – and most spectacular – event was captured on CCTV cameras this week when a pint glass fell from a table in the bar, with nobody within touching distance of it.

    Mark Cooke has been landlord at the pub, in Northgate Street, since February.

    He said: “I was a bit dubious of the paranormal before seeing that footage, but there’s no denying what happened.

    “There is definitely something going on here, there’s no doubt about it.”

    He admitted other strange things had been happening recently – enough to warrant a full scale overnight investigation on Friday.

    “We had 10 cameras set up all around the place on Friday and we captured a few things,” he added.

    “For example we saw some cutlery moving in the restaurant. It is quite scary.

    “A couple of weeks ago I got a call from a member of staff at 2am asking me if I was still in the pub because he could hear footsteps on the stairs – but I was in bed at the time.

    “I wouldn’t say I was a ‘believer’ but I can tell you this, when you’re locking up at 3am in the pitch black, it’s enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.”

    Lyn Cinderey, of Gloucester Active Paranormal Society (Gaps), believes that the current activity in Gloucester is the busiest it’s ever been.

    She said: “There is a lot going on at the moment.

    “We held a seance in the New Inn on Friday night and we had a Brian Turnur come through to speak to us, and he may have been the one who pushed the pint glass over.

    “He said he was a blacksmith and he was born in 1434 and he died in 1465.

    “There have also been reports of whispering, quiet music being played and knocking.”

    The video showing the falling pint glass can be seen on The Citizen website

    But some readers have reacted with scepticism to the film.

    Tom, from Stroud, said: “I’m not going to say I agree or disagree, but it looks a bit suspect that the guy on the right hand side’s arm moves at precisely the same time the glass falls (or gets pulled) off the table

  • Helen:

    Hi Lyn,

    Could I arrange a private walk for 20 people on a date in October 2010?
    If you could let me know if this is possible, a cost and also how long the walk will be as I would like to book dinner after? Also what dates can you offer this on?


    • admin:

      Hi Helen
      Thank you so much for your Enquiry.
      I can arrange a Ghost Walk and a Three course Meal at THe New Inn if you wish , the price is only £20 per person. Or If you prefer your own Venue for the meal , then just the walk is £5 for Adults for an Hour and a half tour. The Tour is a three in one Tour , part History Part Paranormal and Part Ghost Stories. The walk is a steady walk , and we finish up the last half an hour in a ‘haunted ‘ Pub , where I show you Pictures relavent to the walk. And you all recieve a Certificate of Survival ( if you survive lol ) I already run Ghost walks every Weds Evening at 8pm or Thurs Evening at 6.30pm But If you prefer different times and dates I can arrange this for you .
      Dates I can do in October other than weds and Thurs Evenings. You choose the times.
      Friday Oct 8th .
      Monday Oct 11th
      Tuesday October 12th
      Tuesday Oct 19th
      Friday Oct 22nd
      Monday Oct 25th
      All those dates are free at The Moment.

      The rest of October dates are all fully booked for Halloween Events.

      Hope to hear from you soon.



  • Hi lyn
    Its Adam from G3 projects,i was hoping to bring the kids on another ghost walk around halloween time,we would like to bring around 20 of young guys plus staff and if its ok with you we would like to hide staff along the route in fancy dress to jump out on and scare the little monsters!!!(staff need to get there own back) and hopefully finish in the pub for a pint afterwards.please Advise over
    Thanks Lyn

    works Tel 01452 312518

  • Hello Lyn,
    I am very interested in joining you on a ghost walk as i am a very strong believer.
    for the past few years i have been interested in watching ghost programs but my favourite is Ghost Hunters International which i believe it real.
    I want to see a ghost in person and would like to witness something in gloucester, i noticed that ghost hunters international has made some visits in gloucester and other areas near.
    Im interested into knowing if you do any EVP work?


    • admin:

      Hi Amy
      The Next Overnight Investigation in Gloucester Is at the New Inn on Sat Nov 13th
      We have 2 Sets of EVP from the Cellars There.
      I too like GHI They are real as you say. The New Inn is 600years Old and very Active . We Do EVP Work all the time.
      Lyn x

  • Emily Lambert:

    Hi Lyn,

    I think I would like to book a Ghost Walk, would you be able to do one this Friday or Saturday evening?


    • admin:

      Hi Emily
      Thank you so much for you Post. I am sorry To Say I have other Appointments this Friday and SAturday So Am Not Available This Time.



  • Emily Lambert:

    I forgot to add, it would only be for two! Are we able to do that?

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