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St. Michaels Tower

St. Michael’s Church, The Cross, Eastgate St. St Michael the Archangel church was in existence in the 12th century.

 The old church, apart from the 15th century tower, was demolished in 1849 and a new church erected which incorporated the old tower.

This church closed in 1940 when the parish combined with St. Mary de Crypt. In 1956 the church was demolished, leaving only the tower, and between 1985 and April 1998 it was used as a tourist information centre.

A graveyard to the side of the church (behind the buildings in Southgate St.) is shown in a sketch in “An Original History of the City of Gloucester”, by Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke, published in 1819. Registers 1553-1940 lodged with GRO.


The tower has now been turned into a Learning & Fun Heritage Centre, it is run by Gloucester Civic Trust.

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