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Gloucesters ‘Poundstretcher’ in Westgate street has a very ‘haunting’ past and recent history.

This store was once the ‘Theatre Royal’, and later ‘The Palace Theatre Playhouse’ in 1791.

Legend has it that the unhappy spirit of a tragic actress haunts this site.

Strange manifestations have been seen by many staff over the years, including the ghost of the lady and the mouldy inscription of the letter ‘E’ on a cellar wall.

The lady in question is believed to be ‘Eliza Johnson’, who joined the company in 1880. It is said after a while ‘things in her life’ went wrong – perhaps a love affair – and she committed suicide while still in her 20’s.

It is believed her ghost now stalks the shop aisles where she once performed and disturbs all the stock on the shelves.

The staff at the store have reported to having to tidy everything up again every morning after leaving the store at night.

Recently, there has been seen on CCTV footage, a dark shadow of what seems to be a figure of a woman pushing a pallet over, displaying all the stock that was securely wrapped, onto the floor.

This was recorded at 2.30am. Staff came in to work the next day, shocked at the mess all over the floor. 

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