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Blackfriars Ghost

This fine Dominican Order of the BLACK FRIARS, established in the 13th Century, was home to around 40 Monks.

They lived and worked here, and looked after the sick and poor people of Gloucester.

They would also provide accommodation for the weary traveler.

A Large number of graves were found outside the abbey, indicating a large burial ground. This would suggest the monks also provided a hospital for the sick people of the city.

Politics changed in England in the 15 Century and the Monks were persecuted and reduced to poverty. Henry VIII wanted all the Monasteries destroyed.

The Monks were forced to sell their possessions and let their gardens. The once thriving community became destitute.

The last three remaining Monks were deliberately left to die of starvation as an example. No one was allowed to feed them or minister them in any way.

They died a horrible death.  In 1960 work began to restore this fine building and in 1969 ‘The Citizen’, the local newspaper, covered a story of the ‘Black Friars Ghost’.

During excavations, a builder found a skull of a Black Friar. It had been buried in the floor of the church nave.

The top of the skull had been neatly sliced across with a sharp instrument, obviously the cause of a violent death.

Another workman claimed to have seen the apparition of a Friar running from the church with blood pouring from his head.  

Another time, another Friar was seen standing by the church doorway, was this the same Monk? Another workman was working on the beam in the nave of the church, when he looked up he saw a Monk standing right next to him, the figure then disappeared.

The workman new he was working alone and no one else could have possibly followed him in.

He was unable to continue work for a while.

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