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Ghost Stories

Gloucester is a very old and Historic City and as as you would expect quite a few very interesting ‘Ghost Stories’.

I Have researched many and include some of them on my Weekly Ghost Walks around the City Centre.

Here are  just a couple to wet your appetite and the links on the right lead to more stories.

  • ‘Spirits’ Such as The Small blonde Haired Boy seem in an Attic Window in an old Saxon Lane.
  • A Figure seen in a Local Club
  • A Grey Lady often seen in an old Historic Inn who likes to move things around.
  • Sounds of Footsteps that stop abruptly in a 10th c Medieval Alleyway. Yet When you look no one is around.
  • A Dark Shadowy Figure seen in the Basement of an old Public House.
  • Children heard Singing and Laughing in a Historic Public House.
  • Monks Seen disappearing in an old Graveyard.
  • Horses and Carts heard on Cobbled stones in the Early hours of The Morning & there is no one there.

Gloucester Ghost Walks can arrange pre-bookings for large parties for any other nights.

We also arrange Theme nights with or Without Ghost walks ( Your Preference )

If you would like to raise money for your local charity, we can also arrange Themed Charity Events

Office Parties or Get Together Nights, including pub crawls and 3 course Meals Etc. (These nights have become very popular indeed).

We can also arrange ‘Paranormal Investigations’ , Clairvoyant nights in Conjunction with Ghost Nights.

Please feel free to contact Lyn anytime on 07908 552 855 or email: [email protected]

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