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Annual Halloween Ghost Walk Please Also look under Events for this years Special Walk.

Join us on one of the biggest week’s of the year for Gloucester Ghost Walks. We’ll be running walks on Wednesday 30th & Thursday 31st October [Halloween Night]

Wednesday starts at 8pm, departing from the Tourist Information Centre on Southgate Street.

Thursday starts at 6:30pm, departing from the Tourist Information Centre on Southgate Street.

Ticket prices remain the same as all year round,

Adults: £6.00

Senior Citizens: £5.00

Children: £4.00

What a bargain! Are you brave enough to join us on this spooky night?

You will be able to turn up on the night or buy tickets via Lyn on 07908 552 855 or from the Gloucester Tourist Information Centre.


Assize of Ale 2013

WeGJCY5 - Imgur

Tracy, Dave, Lyn & Rhonda



Lyn joined in with the Sheriff’s Assize of Ale in the City.









Phil and Alan

Phil and Alan


The assize dates back to medieval times when the sheriff was responsible for checking that the ale on sale in the city was of palatable quality.

This tradition was reintroduced in 2003 by Gloucester City Council leader Paul James during his year as Sheriff of Gloucester.

The Sheriff has an Ale Connor, whose job it is to sit on a wooden stool, on which a small amount of ale has been poured, wearing a pair of leather trousers. If after three minutes the trousers stick to the stool, the ale does not pass the test. But if the Ale Connor can move freely at the end of the three minutes, it does pass.




The Assize of Ale 2013

The Assize of Ale 2013


ALL of the pubs visited, passed the test!

A charity collection also took place in each venue for the civic charities which this year are The Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association UK and Leonard Cheshire Disability.
Last year they raised £832 for Carers Gloucestershire and The Family Haven.



The Ghost Lady of Gloucester nominated for award.

Lyn has been nominated for an award for being an ambassador for the city. [Click on the picture for the story!]



Headshave in aid of New Start Cat Rescue

Lyn made a pledge and challenge to shave all her hair off in aid of the New Start Cat Charity. [Click on the picture for the story!]


Lyn said: This is my pledge to New Start Cats Rescue Charity. In exactly one months time I will be having my hair shaved completely off.

I want to Raise as Much Money for this WONDERFUL charity as I can. They all are Volunteers. NO ONE GETS PAID.

Most of us pay out of our own pockets. The Vets help out as much as they can but…………………BILLS KEEP COMING IN.

The Volunteers are at their lowest that they have EVER been in the 2 Years they have been running. They are exhausted and need more volunteers and helpers and funding. The very sad week of losing kittens in this heat has really Devastated The Charity… I want to cheer them up and this is what I hope will bring in some Money for them.”


The head shave took place at Cafe Rene on 10th August

You can still make a donation here >



New home for Gloucester Ghost Walks

Gloucester Ghost Walks has new premises, we’re based on Westgate Street in Gloucester. [Click on the picture for the story!]


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