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Monthly Archives: October 2011

FREE ENTRY : Ghost Stories At Gloucester Quays.With Lyn Cinderey ‘The Ghost Lady’

Friday October 28th  I will be at O’Brians   At Gloucester Quays for FREE  ……Ghost And Paranormal Talks To Start At 5pm until 6pm
Saturday October 29th I will be  O’Brians  at 3pm until 4pm
Sunday October 30th I will be at O’Brians at 3pm until 4pm
Monday October 31st I will be at O’Brians at 5pm until 6pm
I will be Telling Spooky Stories  About  The Following Places.
The Waterways Museum. Ghost Caught On Camera ?
The Ghost Ship See On Misty Mornings ?
The Sailors Hanging from the yard Arm ?
Cafe Rene Tunnels, Monks , Plague Victims , Poltergiests. Burly Workmen Flee In Fear And Would Rather Sleep in The Grave Yard.
Robert Raikes House Footsteps Heard Above The Bar Late at Night . The Little Black ‘Ghost Dog ‘ Dark Shadows seen in Mid Afternoon in the Bar.
The New Inn. Resident Ghosts, The Ghost Who pulled the Pint Off The Table ?
The Ghost Children and Their Nanny.
I will also bring My Book Paranormal Gloucester
Some Paranormal Equipment we use.
Various Interesting Pictures.
Spooky Background Music.
The Ghost Lady.