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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Investigation Information

Gloucester Active Paranormal Society ( GAPS ) Are Happy to send you any findings we have on any of our Investigations On Request if you send a Stamped address Envelope to us.

However, We Do Not Post Our Findings as We Find  Other Groups Tend not to be as honest as us and use our Information and use it as there own.

A Great  shame. But It Does Happen .

We Also have Full public Liability Insurance on ALL our Paranormal Over night Investigations , and Gloucester Ghost Walks.

We Do Not pretend we are the Best, but we are The Most Honest , reliable and pride ourselves as being very reasonably Priced with ALL our Events.

We Value you Custom very much indeed , as well as your Saftey and Enjoyment.

Thank you .

Love And Blessings to you All.

Lyn x

Exciting News.


I Cannot Believe How Busy I have been lately, and all the wonderfil things that have been happening.

Gloucester Ghost Walks Are Having A DVD made Also a Documentary On Gloucester Ghost Walks and My New Apprentice David, Also On THe Blighty Channel this Halloween  I have been filmed with Presenter Michala  Strachan At The New Inn telling  about Paranormal Events And Spooky Stories.

Now, Another Tv Company want to do a Documentary about  the Paranormal. Wowwww Lucky Me.