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Monthly Archives: February 2011



Hi Every.
This is an Open Invitation for you all.
I would like to draw your attention to this fantastic New Charity for Cats. These Ladies are all Volunteers and there work is Endless. I have met them a few times and I know consider them Friends.  Friends that care about abandoned and Homeless Cats.
Because this is a New Charity , you can imagine there are very limited Funds and resourses, So I have decidecided Gloucester Ghost Walks Designated charity this Year is this one.
To help further it along and Create an Awareness to this Project I have voluntered to go through a Process  of being Pussy Galore for One Night Only
This will NEVER happen again In My life Time ( If I can help it ) .
I have attached a poster of the Event for you to look at, and I would be Sooo Grateful if you could come along on the Night to support this Cause.
I do so very much  Hope you at The Citizen can send along a Photographer and Reporter to what will no doubt be a Fantastic Evening and alot of fun.
I will be groomed and Dressed by the professionals , I will be wearing a Dress ( this is most unusual people that know me well as the Ghost Lady ‘ Of Gloucester )
Heels, Makeup , and Hair Done……..Also… So I’m told, how to wiggle and Jiggle and walk like Pussy Galore.
There will be burlesque dancing as I appear,    By The Kittens … All done in the Best Possible Taste Of Course.
So Please, PLease, Come and Support Pussy Galore and Her Kittens ;
March 11th
Cafe Rene.
For THE BIG REVEAL. of Lyn Cinderey ‘ Ghost Lady of Gloucester ‘ turns into Miss Pussy Galore For One Night Only.
All For Charity.
Thank you so very Much. xx
About The Charity:

New Start Cat Rescue Charity
Summer 2010 Contact Us on :07510134805
This is a new charity started in 2010. They believe in cats having a good life, as any pet should.
Company Overview 
We are a new charity and have a temporary charity number at present. Our main aim is to rescue unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens.
Contact Us on :07510134805
We are a non-profit Organisation.
Our aim is to promote a neutering and re-homing
Provide advocacy and to educate individuals on
the care of these animals.
Our Aims
To rescue and help unwanted cats and kittens of any age. To encourage responsible cat ownership .
To neuter feral cats and return them to their normal colonies where possible.
To find suitable homes for any cats who come into our care and give advice when necessary.
To check new homes to make sure they are suitable for a new cat.
To promote regular vaccination and worming programs and to encourage micro chipping of cats when old enough.
To encourage neutering of kittens placed in new homes.