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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Cotswold Life Magazine


Great News : Gloucester Ghost Walks Tomorrow Night At 6.30pm Will be Joined By A Reporter from Cotswold Life Magazine , they are doing a Feature about The Walk. woot woot


On My Ghost Walks I am constantly being  asked if The Eastgate Viewing Chamber is ever Open as They would Love to Go Down and  view it.
So I approached the City Museum and we have arranged between us to open Every Tuesday Evening And Every Friday Evening at 7pm until 8pm On A permanent Basis ,. with a View to also opening on a Sunday at 11am until 3pm
All Year Round.
There will be a Charge of Adults £3 Children £1
This is in response to Public Demand .
The First Half of the Hour is Spent Talking and Showing People The Underground History of the Chamber, The Second Half I will be Telling Ghost Stories about the City Centre Areas.
Nigel Taylor Jones From The City Museum will be dressed as a Roman Soldier And  I will be dressed in my usual recognisable ‘ghost ‘ outfit  Right outside Boots where the chamber is.