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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Ghosts in city shoe shop ?

This Was printed today in the

Citizen . Gloucester’s Local Paper.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SPOOKY footsteps are haunting a Gloucester shoe shop.

Sales assistants Heidi Kent and Jane Jones at Cotters Bar in Northgate Street have noticed ghostly goings on in the store.

They have even called in ghost hunter Lyn Cinderey to investigate.

Lyn spent a night in the shop to see if she could find the source of the spooky happenings

She said: ” Heidi and Jane have been experiencing ‘strange goings on’ for some time now.”When they go into work some mornings there are shoes and handbags all over the floor in the main shop and in the back staff room. They always tidy up every night before they close up.”

The shop workers have also seen the shadow of a man standing by their stockroom door.

Lyn said the ghost hunt had been exciting.

“There were nine of us including myself, Jane and Heidi and we had a very interesting night indeed,” she said. “Slippers suddenly appeared on the floor of the staff room at 3am yet they had not been moved all night.

“We heard a creaking noise coming from above us in an upper floor as if someone was walking around up there, yet we knew no one was up there.

“I saw several sparkly lights around the stockroom at the back, and a shadow.”

And their ghost hunt proved successful as they managed to get a message from the other side.

“We asked twice if anyone was there and we had a response of a clicking noise in the corner of the room,” Lyn added.

Since the vigil all paranormal activity seems to have died down.

But Jane added: “There was definitely something going on and it needed researching.”

My Friend Andrew

Please take a look at my dear Friend Andrew’s Site. A very Talented and Knowledgeable Man.Who has helped and Guided me along the Spiritual Path For Years. To which I thank him Most Sincerely.

Andrew Is Joining Us On Nov 3rd.


Children in Need & The Family Haven

Hi All
Can I please have your Support in Advertising this Event and ask if you can put posters up or contact the media ? Or Both of course.
I Would also Love it if one of the Radio Stations could provide the ‘ Zombie ‘ Music On the Route. Or Any Bands.
The Zombie-thon will be a Steady  Walk ( Dressing up as Zombies please ) around all the gate streets>>>>> details as follows All monies from buckets collected along the way will be shared between the Children in need charity and The Family Haven.
I Would love Hundereds of People to Attend and participate in this event if possible
We start off at 6.30pm ON Friday Nov 14th  Outside The Tourist Information Centre Southgate Street
Adults and Children All Zombie Walking Please.
From the Tic: To Westgate St as far as the Cathedral back up Westgate st into Northgate st as far as Debenhams, back up Northgate st into Eastgate st as far as Boots back up Eastgate st to Southgate st where we started.
I Will be sending a form into BBC CHILDREN IN NEED telling them of this event and hoping they come and televise this. They wanted something different this year and I think and hope this will get lots and lots of Support.
G.G.W. Gloucester Ghost Walks
I Have the licence now to do this walk. All I need now is YOU  !!!