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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Press Release

Press Release
Gloucestershire’s Business Portal Hits New
Businesses worldwide may be facing tough times but here in
Gloucestershire local business leaders can count on reaching an
ever-growing market within the county – thanks to the
Gloucestershire Portal website.
The 12-year-old website, which promotes Gloucestershire to its own
residents as well as thousands of visitors and holidaymakers every
year, has just celebrated attracting more than 4 million visitors to
its pages.
Eddie Eldridge, Managing Director of Softdata Internet Ltd, the
Gloucester-based company who founded the Portal is delighted.
‘This is a very exciting threshold to have achieved, especially as
much of the traffic is to our local business directory which is
exclusive to firms from within the county,’ he said.
Whether you want a wedding car or a widget, legal services or
laundry services, it can all be found in the directory which links to
nearly 7000 business websites in Gloucestershire.
Three years ago 80% of hits on the Portal website were from
overseas, potential holiday-makers and ex-pats catching up with
the mother county. Now, 70% of hits are UK and local, mainly
people looking for services.
‘If you Google Gloucestershire hotels you might get a dozen local
businesses lost amongst the 1000s of international links. Websites
on the Portal are all Gloucestershire businesses and it can find you
almost 150 hotels straight away,’ said Eddie Eldridge.
‘Hardly a day goes by without someone asking us about places to
stay in the county.
In addition, changes coming to the directory will help you search
not only the whole county but more specifically by towns and
districts as well as by category. The directory will grow from 680
pages to 3000.
‘This will help browsers to find exactly what they are looking for
much quicker,’ said Eddie Eldridge ‘and will be better for our
advertisers as well.’
Besides the directory, the Gloucestershire Portal will be extending
its tourist’s guide to the towns of the county with video clips of
every major settlement to attract more visitors to come and stay
An ever-growing feature of the site are the Message Boards, giving
space for discussion on every aspect of Gloucestershire life, be it
sport or politics, the environment or transport, gardening tips or
handy recipes.
Businesses, too, have their own message boards where they can
network, discuss the latest ideas and news from commerce, and
add free clickable links to their own websites.
All this activity is opening up great new opportunities for local
businesses to get involved. ‘We’re always looking for more local
advertisers and hope to find a couple of major business partners to
help us move the site forward,’ said Eddie Eldridge.
Whatever the people of Gloucestershire are looking for they won’t
find it quicker than by using The Gloucestershire Portal at It is rapidly becoming the
one-stop shop for our county. Four millions visitors can’t be wrong.
CP Communications - Get Heard
The White House
Westridge Rd
GL12 7DZ
Tel: 07824 444655
[email protected]

This is an Online Magazine for Gloucestershire with loads of Information about News Events Etc. Please take a

Lyn x

Ernie / Copper

This is a letter I recieved from Christine Regarding a Dog then called Ernie now called Copper that was rescued in Cyprus and brought here to England where he now lives. I Did a Sponsored Ghost walk for Ernie that helped bring him over. A Lovely Story and even more Fantastic Ending with Ernie Now Copper in his new Home. Please take a look in the Gallery Section back on my Main We page to see Copper.
lyn x
Hi Folks
At long last I managed to get to Chelmsford to visit Ernie (now known as Copper) in his new home.
It was wonderful to see him again after all this time and I’m sure you can imagine that he looked a thousand times better than  the last time we saw him - just a few days after we’d found him starving and covered in ticks.
His new owners love him to bits and he wants for nothing.  There are marvellous walks just moments from his new home and he and his companion, a Weimarana named Kaiser, get plenty of opportunities for exercise.
Copper still has some health issues - epilepsy and a yeast allergy but both are controlled with medication.  His behaviour is now much better although he occasionally bullies Kaiser although he is much smaller!
I’m attaching a few photos that I managed to take, not easy to catch a moving target, but I hope you will be able to see how lovely he looks.
I now feel that having seen Copper in his new home I have reached the end of this particular chapter so unless any of you want an occasional update I’ll stop sending you emails now - please let me know how you feel.
Thanks again for all your support to get this little chap sorted out.


Overnight Investigations

Many People have asked me to arrange Overnight Investigations In Gloucester and I Intend to do just that, so Watch This Space as they say and As soon as I am Able To I will post details on here for you all.

Please can you do me a favour and leave a comment or just your name on this post so I can get an idea how many people want to do this.

Thank you


Chocolate and Much Much More.

For those of you who love chocolate you really must take a look at this wonderful site. Everything is made out of chocolate. I Have purchased chocolate Skulls for my Halloween ghost walk this year, they are truely amazing. And even better still. Edible. lol.



Beatrix Potter’s Tailor of Gloucester

Beatrix Potter’s Tailor of Gloucester

Please take a look at this site and it’s brand new blog.

All the very best Tailor of Gloucester Shop and Museum


Explore Gloucestershire Link Up.

Explore Gloucestershire - the premier website for exploring Gloucestershire, where you’ll find great information about visitor attractions, eating out and places to stay, as well as a comprehensive guide to Whats on and Events in Gloucestershire 2008.

The above  link is an excellent way to find out about Events in and around Gloucestershire. And More.  Please take a look.


Tutbury Castle

If you haven’t been to Tutbury Castle you really should go one day or even better at night. I Have been approx 15 Times and Love The place . The curator of the Castle is a very dear friend of mine Lesley Smith and Judith who helps run the castle. What remarkable people they are . Tutbury Castle is in Staffordshire and they do hold Several different Events throughout the year. Their Web page is.

Tutbury Castle: Web Site
E-Mail E-Mail
[email protected] [email protected]
Telephone Website
01283 812129