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Monthly Archives: August 2008


Ghostly goings on in Gloucester

08:00 - 27-August-2008
BEWARE – Gloucester has been named one of the spookiest cities in Britain.

Ghostly goings-on have seen it named one of the top 10 creepiest corners of the country in a new report on supernatural Britain.

According to the survey, one of the city’s most famous phantoms is the ghost of Bishop John Hooper, who was burned at the stake for his beliefs and is rumoured to still haunt Gloucester.

He was put to death in 1555 in Westgate Street, during Catholic Queen Mary’s persecution of Protestants.

His ghost has been reported in the area near his monument.

Click here!Mary, who reigned from 1553 until her death in 1558, has also been said to have haunted the area.

But according to one ghost hunter, Gloucester boasts many more stories to send shivers down the spine.

Lyn Cinderey, who leads weekly walks through the city centre, said: “Gloucester is certainly a spooky place, there’s a lot of history here. There are so many ghost stories and sightings, it’s almost unbelievable.

“Cafe Rene in Southgate Street is one of the most haunted places. Several people have seen shadows in the basement which used to be connected by a tunnel to St Mary de Crypt Church.

“When we did a night-time investigation we heard monks chanting and there were also lots of bright blue orbs around the area (orbs are the first manifestation of a ghost).

“When the landlord was packing up the till takings one night, after everyone had left, he felt a hand on him and dropped the takings in fright. But when he went back the next day the money was still there. If it had been a human, the money would have been taken, but ghosts don’t need money.”

There are also believed to be ghosts at the New Inn in Southgate Street where horrible whispering has been heard.

At AG Meek shoe shop, in Westgate Street, staff have smelled the perfume thought to be that of a ghost and heard a spoon being stirred in a teacup when no one could be seen.

At nearby Bookends bookshop a monk is rumoured to have murdered a woman and a slim, young man with short dark hair, who is always carrying a book, has been seen many times at a shed at the back of the shop.

City council leader Coun Paul James, said: “It doesn’t surprise me that we’ve come in the top 10, given the number of historic buildings we’ve got.

“Being highlighted in the top 10 can only improve tourism in the future.”

The Supernatural Britain report was commissioned by Warner Home Video to mark the release of TV series Supernatural Season Three on DVD.


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Itinerary Of Ghost Walks.

I Run 2 Weekly Ghost Walks Every Week Throughout the year.

I Can arrange other nights and times and for large parties on request and subject to availability. Always Happy to Help. 
Wednesday nights seem to be the most popular . The walk starts at 8pm Outside The Tourist Information Centre Southgate St Glos.
Thursday nights start at 6.30pm Meeting same as above.
The walk takes approx One & A Half hours.
You have a Three In One Tour for your money.
1. Ghost Stories. 2. Part Paranormal Experiences.   3.Part History
We Finish at an Historic Inn where you see Pictures of past Buildings that I talk  about & also Interesting Pictures of ‘orbs’ Taken on Overnight Investigations in some of the pubs and Buildings around the city.
You also receive a Certificate of Survival of the walk.
The Prices are:
Adults  £4    Senior Citizens  £3   Children ( 16 and under ) £2
You can purchase Tickets at The Tourist Information Centre Glos
Online On my Site
Or On The Night.
( Thurs ) Please Book in advance.
Thank you for your Inquiry . Please take a look at my Website.
Thank you
Lyn Cinderey
G.G.W. Gloucester Ghost Walks.

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