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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Overnight Investigations

Many People on my Ghost Walks have asked if I can Arrange Overnight Investigations In One Of Gloucesters ‘Haunted’ locations.

The Simple answer to that is Yes I can. It Is just a matter of When i have the time to be quite frank.

Gloucester is steeped in History and with the History Comes the ‘ghost Stories’ From All The Gate Streets In Gloucester and not just the City Centre.

The Stories come from Local People and Their Experiances in various Buildings that they have worked & Still work in many cases.

Also my own Experiances in various Buildings.

If Anyone is Interested Please Email me on [email protected] with you details and as soon as I can arrange something I will certainly let you know.

I Will add you to my ever growing List Of Interested People.

Thank you

Take care And hope to hear or see you soon.

Love lyn

Welcome Andrew

A Very Warm Welcome to my very dear friend Andrew Garley. I Have known Andrew for many years and will never forget how Kind he was when i first met him at Craig y Nos In Wales on an Investigation. Andrew is a lovely Person, very Loyal and a Good Friend. I Am so Proud To be your Friend Andrew.

Andrew is a Spiritual Medium, Healer, & Teacher. Here is a link to his Lovely New Website. Take a look you will be impressed. Love Lyn xx

Special Ghost Walks


I Would just like to point out that I Do run Special Events Ghost Walks and have done for nearly three years now. Here is a List of the Type Of  Special Events I have Done So Far.




Girl Guides


Hen Nights


Gay Night

Disability Nights

Senior Citizens Night



Christmas Presents

Raffle prize for Charities

Sponsor Your Event

Flood relief fund

If anyone wishes to contact me for a different night or event please contact me. Lyn 07908552855