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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Thank you all for your continued support.

I would very much like to Thank the following people that have helped me and gave me their support  to make my Ghosts Walks the success that they are.
Gloucester People & Their Familes:
Eddie From Softdata:
Moira Goddard
Paul Goddard
The Tourist Information Centre
Gloucester Citizen
Gloucester Counsellers Paul James & Richard Graham
The Family Haven
The New Inn
The Dick Whittington
A.M. From The Cafe Rene
Paul Soden From the Cafe Rene
Poets Wine bar
Bearlands Wine bar
The Services Club
Bookends Bookshop
Lisa Sutton & John Sutton
Tracey & Donny & Jamal Patterson
Kim ( The Photographer. )
All the lovely people at Castlemeads Court
Pam Daw
Marilyn  & David Champion
All my Dearest Friends who i have neglected recently because i have been so busy.
You know who you are, and you know i will always value your friendships and you know how much i love you all.
Last but not least my  Dear Hubby ‘ Grumpy ‘ who Taxi’s me everywhere.
and my Son Shaun for
teaching me ‘Computer Stuff’.
My Profound Apologies if i have missed anyone out.
Paul Goddard Sarted The Ghost Walks with me and was Fantastic at it, alas he is doing a course in NLP which takes up most of his time so had to leave GGW but Moira His Mum has helped me enourmousely every week that she can, and i thank her and Paul for their Friendship and Loyalty
from the bottom of my Heart.
And of course everyone that has been on my Ghost Walk ( sometimes more than once ) Who alot of you i have made friends with and will continue to do so.

Love Lyn xx

New Site

Thank you Very Much Eddie.

Lyn XX

Welcome to Gloucester Ghost Walks news and events

This section of our site is used for letting you know the latest news, and of course to show the latest dates for our historical Gloucester Ghost walks.