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Gloucester Active Paranormal Society ( G.A.P.S. ) Paranormal Overnight Investigations at various Venues in Gloucester £30 per person.
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Woodchester Mansion


Gloucester Active Paranormal Society ( G.A.P.S. ) Paranormal Overnight Investigation Prices for : Woodchester Mansion
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Paranormal Gloucester £14.99 including post and packing


This is my first ever attempt at writing a book and I’ve been delighted to be given this opportunity. I hope you enjoy it.
There won't be very many big words, it’s been written in a plain and basic way so that you can easily pick it up and put it down, or read it from beginning to end without getting tired. It is as honestly put together as I possibly can make it. There won't be a lot of history but there will be some, if the stories need it, because there are plenty of good books on that subject already, (Authors, mentioned further on). Also I feel that if you wanted history then you would buy history books, not paranormal books. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
The paranormal has always been a favourite subject of mine and apparently many more people too these days. With a lot of coverage on the TV and such like proving the point and a lot of people that I have met on my ghost walks have said how much they would love to know more, and go on overnight investigations.
TV, to a certain extent, has glorified the word paranormal but in all honesty it is not an easy subject to follow, things can get a little in-depth with some people, others see it as a bit of fun.
I personally wish to find out as much as I possibly can to see if there really is Life after death and that we don't just die and nothing continues.
The stories told in this book are accounts of people told to me directly, I have researched, experienced myself or been told by friends and colleagues.
It is of course a matter of opinion whether you believe or not, we all have the right of free will, and I for one respect that. A lot of people that I have spoken to say that they will only truly believe if they see something for themselves, I can understand that fully. Also, a lot of people have said they do believe because of things that have personally happened to them. Such experiences I have had myself.

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